Wednesday, July 8, 2009


My aim in writing this blog is simply to chronicle, and as a result have a documented record, of my musings with regards to classical history.

The plethora of blogs out there mean this one is unlikely to ever be read by any third party - a fact which I am keenly aware of. That said, my central wish is to chronicle my own thoughts, primarily for my own needs - in many respects I consider it something like a diary. If, however, anyone does read it, I welcome comments or reflections on the content herein.

My thoughts will, I hope, take a variety of forms - reviews of books, academic observations, simple musings and whatever else is being mulled over in my head at any one point, although, of course, everything will be related to classical history (to my mind that means the whole gamut anywhere from the supposed fall of Troy in the 13th or 12th Century B.C.E right through until the decline of the Western Roman Empire in the Mid 1st Millennia C.E).

Updates may be sporadic, as they'll conform to as and when I have something to say. I'm currently rereading Adrian Goldsworthy's popular history tome "Caesar: Life of a Colossus" and the topic of my first post is going to be on that work.

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